Suikoden V (USA) Ps2 ISO

Suikoden V (USA) Ps2 ISO The fifth game in the Suikoden series suikoden v. Set six years before Suikoden I, the game follows the Prince of the Queendom of Falena, as he struggles to unite the 108 Stars of Destiny and end a civil war that threatens to tear the realm apart easily download suikoden v ps2 iso from emuparadise.


Suikoden V (USA) Ps2 ISO

if you have been missing the greatness that was once Suikoden during the psx generation then look no further. It is here at last and thy name is Suikoden V.
Lets get to the bad first, the presentation gets a 7/10 in the game. The programmers really screwed up on this one. The scenes, though great, are jerky. The loading is pretty bad sometimes and there are few other quirks. Not that big of a deal though. Take a look here: suikoden v iso

Not bad, but not the best graphics ever seen on an rpg that is for sure. After playing KH2 these graphics are quite dull. But it’s still pretty damn good for Suikoden ps2.
Well that’s it from me. I have heard the second time through is even better. So if you are a suikoden fan and you don’t have this game, shame on you. Go get now…..I said NOW! 🙂

Suikoden V (USA) Ps2 ISO



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