Pokemon Y Rom Nintendo 3DS Download Free

Pokemon Y Rom Nintendo 3DS Download Pokemon Y Rom is Available for Nintendo 3DS Roms Emulator. Pokémon Y is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released worldwide in October 2013. Pokemon y is not the official title, as Nintendo has not announced a name for the upcoming Pokemon titles. Pokemon y takes place in the Kalos region, which is based in real-world France. In Pokemon y, the player character goes on an adventure to become a Pokemon Master and catch as many Pokemon as possible. The story starts when Professor Sycamore entrusts you with the Pokemon of your choice and tasks you to capture Pokemon by defeating them in battle.

Pokemon Y Rom

Console: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Region: Asia, EU, Europe, JP, KR, World


Pokemon Y Nintendo 3DS Rom & CIA Download

Pokémon Y is the sixth installment of the Pokemon video game series. Pokemon games follow a young boy who captures and battles Pokemon for sport. The player assumes the role of a Pokemon trainer and must catch, train, and fight Pokemon to compete in Pokemon gyms around the region.

The main story involves catching Pokemon, defeating gym leaders, and catching legendary Pokemon along the way. As players travel through various routes to obtain all eight gym badges, they will need to capture multiple types of Pokemon to counter different opponents that stand in their way. As players explore more and obtain new Pokemon, however, it becomes increasingly difficult because each opponent’s pokemon type varies depending on which route they take; this encourages players to complete their Pokedex as soon as. Get Pokemon omega Ruby 

The game Pokemon Y Rom, Pokemon Sun, and Moon is a new adventure that all Pokemon fans can play. There are more than 800 different types of pokemon in this game that you will collect as your journey progresses to catch them all! With many elements such as water or fire, for example, available in the menu screen at any given time – players have chosen their favorite element depending on what they think would work best against certain opponents based on type strengths/weaknesses, etcetera… Each player starts with only one Pokeball but could own up to five pieces, including Swords Dance Lucario, who was introduced recently alongside his Fairy-type counterpart Xerneas (female). Why not try both sides now? It’s been a while since we had an entirely new elemental. get Pokemon Ultra Sun Rom

Pokemon y rom


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Pokemon Y Rom Nintendo 3DS Download Free


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