Paper Mario (USA) N64 ROM

Paper Mario (USA) N64 ROM The second Mario themed RPG, Bowser has stolen the Star Rod and has now has near limitless power. Mario goes on a quest to save the Seven Star Spirits, and retrieve the Star Rod from Bowser in order to save Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom in paper mario rom.

Paper Mario (USA) N64 ROM

After paper mario 64 rom mega RPG for the super nintendo,all the fans over the world were ready for the sequel wich was announced,it was named: Super Mario RPG 2.But it came to some changes,so we got Paper Mario.Paper Mario is a addicting game with great and colorful graphics,and lots of humor in it,i beat it from beggining to end and i was hooked,i tried to find all the things in the game.The storyline is great,and the new characters like koopa bros and others have a great design,this game is a must play.All the charaters are made from paper. I wont explain the story and spoil it for you.On your way you will meet many allies,ever wanted a bob-omb or a koopa to be your ally,not a bad guy like in other Mario games?Want to travel to toy box,solve puzzles and ride on a train?Want to explore the volcano,or roam in the jungle?Want to go to the ice palace?Want to explore the pyramid?Want to go to the haunted mansion?Want to do much more? Then THIS is a game for you,there is NOTHING wrong with this game,its a 5/5 without a doubt.I recommend this game paper mario 64 rom mega to everyone.

This is indeed one of the few games that I myself can never get bored of – Actually, I STILL haven’t finished it.
After the late-to-the-party Super Mario RPG was released for the SNES, fans begged for more – After some adjustments, what we got was Paper Mario. It turned to be a huge success and spawned a whole new series; And for a reason.
This game Paper Mario – Nintendo 64(N64) ROM Download is simply AWESOME. It has one of the longest storylines I’ve ever seen on an RPG, and the graphics and gameplay are unique still today. The multitude of characters (some of which you never would’ve expected to see on your own side), worked-out character personalities… All come together to make one timeless game.
In short, easily a 5/5. If you like RPGs, or even ‘don’t mind’ them, you simply have�to download this game.

Paper Mario (USA) N64 ROM


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