3 Best Nintendo Switch Emulators For PC 2021

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators For PC 2021 , The Nintendo Switch is the only mainstream gaming console that can be played both handhelds and docked.

nintendo switch emulator

The good news is that there are currently a few programs vying for the best Nintendo Switch emulator title. They allow people who haven’t been able to get their hands on a Switch or who want to pretend they’re at work to play amazing games like Let’s Go Pikachu, Link’s Awakening, Mario Kart, and more!

Nintendo Switch Emulators For PC

Here we have shared the two most feature-packed emulators for Nintendo Switch that can be installed on a Windows 10 or Linux PC.

Using these emulators you can play Switch games that you have previously purchased in physical form.

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators For PC

1. Yuzu – An Advanced Switch Emulator

nintendo switch emulator pc

Probably the most well-known and best Nintendo Switch emulator is Yuzu. It’s an open-source GPLv2 licensed program that has been around since 2018. Recent tests have shown that the emulator can replicate some games at the same frame rate as the Switch itself and the best switch emulator!

Yuzu came onto the scene eight months after the Switch launched (I told you the gaming community never rests). It runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems and runs via programming software C++. It’s made by the same people that made Citra,

Yuzu switch emulator is a company that has been around for more than three years. This open-source GPLv2 licensed emulator is written in C++ and emulates the Nintendo Switch’s essential hardware components.

Yuzu’s creators have put a lot of effort into optimizing popular games. As a result, not every game will run flawlessly, but popular titles such as the entire Pokemon franchise, Mario Maker 2, Odyssey, and many others will.

Some noteworthy features of Yuzu Nintendo switch emulator pc are,

  • Two supported graphic modes – OpenGL and Vulkan(experimental)
  • Available for both Windows and Linux
  • Local and online multiplayer availability (The online multiplayer featured has been disabled for the time being)
  • Ability to set up and use multiple profiles nintendo switch emulators
  • Different user-interface themes- Dark, light, midnight blue, etc.


2. Ryujinx – Another Great Switch Emulator


Ryujinx is next on the list and best nintendo switch emulator pc, and it’s a great substitute for Yuzu. We included Ryujinx in our list of the best Nintendo Switch pc emulator programs on the internet because of its dependability, excellent performance, and regularly increasing game support and best switch emulator.

Similar to Yuzu, Ryujinx is completely free and open-source. However, it’s written in C#. A majority of commercial games like Animal Crossing New Horizons or Mario Kart are playable on Ryujinx.
In comparison to Yuzu, Ryujinx is much simpler to use and set up. The developers claim that they are continuously working to provide ‘excellent accuracy and performance, a user-friendly interface, and consistent builds.’

Here’s some good news for Mac users; Ryujinx runs on Windows, Linux, and OSX. If like me, you’re an Apple fan through and through, then Ryujinx is going to be the best Nintendo Switch emulator for you (well, the only one for you, as it happens…).

This experimental Nintendo Switch emulator is named after a legendary Sea Dragon, and the NX at the end of the name pays homage to the codename for the Switch itself. We love little nest eggs like that!

The compatibility list is nicely set out too. Every game that this emulator can play has various tags that let users know if the game is playable if it crashes, and what the general status is.

Some noteworthy features of Ryujinx are,

  • Anisotropic filtering is enabled by default in auto mode
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Local online multiplayer support


3. Android Nintendo Switch Emulator

Android Nintendo Switch Emulator

Recently, an Android Nintendo Switch Emulator gained a lot of attention. During testing, the emulator worked flawlessly with popular games like Pokemon Sword, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Super Mario Odyssey.
However, the emulator is only compatible with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/855+/865/865+ flagship SoC-equipped devices.

Let’s start with the positives. This emulator works on Android phones, adding to the vast number of programs that you can download to play your favorite games on the go. It’s shown great success with games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield and has even had success with the Links Awakening reboot and Super Mario Odyssey.

The emulator really needs to be run on devices equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/855+/865/865+ flagship SoCs. If your Android smartphone is old, then the chances are you’re not going to get the best performance. The emulator itself, which shall remain unnamed for reasons we’re about to come onto, boasts 81 playable titles.

Sadly, 73 of those crash while playing or only make it to the in-game main menu.

Unfortunately, there is a slew of serious issues with this emulator. For example, it violates the MIT open-source license. According to the developers, the emulator can run 81 games. Seventy-three of them, on the other hand, crashed while playing or navigating the in-game menu.
To use this emulator on your device, you must also purchase the 99.00 USD Nintendo Switch-style remotes.

How Does A Nintendo Switch Emulator Differ?

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s easier to recreate. Newer consoles are easier to get better results from as more and more devices are using the same technology behind the scenes. The components are faster and may often be the same; just about everything seems to have an intel chip in it these days!
Without going into too much boring detail, you can get pretty impressive Nintendo Switch gameplay on your home computer or phone that, in some cases, is only a few steps off being as good as the real thing.


So these were some of the best Nintendo Switch emulators that are worth checking out. If you have any recommendations then feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Updated: June 23, 2021 — 8:16 am

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