Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Japan) PSP ISO

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Japan) PSP ISO The fourth Monster Hunter game on PSP evolves the series by building on the best features from previous series entries, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP and Monster Hunter Tri for Wii.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Japan) PSP ISO

The third (technically fourth) iteration in the Monster Hunter PSP games. This one was never localized for the West except to other consoles as “Monster Hunter Tri”, so you have three options:

1: Learn some Japanese and put it on your PSP with CFW
2: See 1, but download the language patch by Team Maverick One, which translates all items’ names and descriptions, monsters’ names, important interactions, like the Village Chief and Guild Hall quests and most in-game messages.
3: Download the “HD” version with or without the language patch pre-applied and play it on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PPSSPP.

Now onto the actual review.

This Monster Hunter game builds on the same engine as Freedom Unite/Portable 2nd G, except new weapons, attacks, mechanics and monsters have been added.

New features and quality-of-life improvements include:

• New weapon type – “Switch Axe” that changes from a slow battle axe to a fast great sword when you’re ready.

• New attacks, including a volly/mortar attack with bows, bashing with shields (sword), better combos with the gunlance, a charge-up attack with lances, a stationary “bottomless clip” mode with heavy bow guns, and a “slicing shot” for gunners to sever tails (works like Crag shots)

• New statuses (on fire, wet, muddy, electrified) and a new attack element, “fatigue”

• a cat can join you online

• up to 2 cats can join you offline

• cats can have up to 6 skills, depending on what skills you choose
• cats now have craftable weapons and armour

• cats can use boomerangs to attack at a distance

• cats can be trained in a lot more ways

• cats can be sent on their own gathering missions that subsequently give them experience.

• the farm has been streamlined, as fishing and bug gathering is automatic.

• a hot spring is added to the guild hall that increases your health and stamina before missions. The stat bonus is increased with the completion of special “Hot Spring Quests”

• in conjunction with the hotsprings, special drinks are added that apply special bonuses ranging from faster climbing to increased attack. Also requires quest completion to augment the menu.

• Poogie has more outfits

• A special equipment slot was added, the Amulet. You can’t make them, but you can find them by mining or receive them as a quest reward, and they usually add high points towards “jewel” bonuses.

• by bringing up the menu in a quest, pressing select will pause the game. You no longer need to navigate to “Pause”

That’s all I can think of, but I’m sure you’ll find everything I missed as you play.

Definitely worth a play if you love the series.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Japan) PSP ISO

Size 1.1G)


Updated: November 24, 2019 — 6:15 pm