Earthworm Jim (USA) Sega Genesis ROM

Earthworm Jim (USA) Sega Genesis ROM Created by the twisted minds at Shiny Entertainment (led by Dave Perry and Doug TenNapel), Earthworm Jim is a nonsensical side-scrolling platform game that allows you to venture through the galaxy as an earthworm trapped in a futuristic space-suit to rescue Princess What’s-Her-Name.

Earthworm Jim (USA) Sega Genesis ROM

Play one of the original incarnations of a popular series. Take control of Jim as he fights various enemies and tries to rescue Princess What’s Her Name. Using various guns, rockets, and even his own head to survive various levels. Meet interesting villains from a talking goldfish to a giant termite queen. Play the original today, then download the Special Edition and experience the complete game.

Earthworm Jim (USA) Sega Genesis ROM

SIZE (1.9M)


Updated: April 8, 2020 — 2:46 am

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