Diddy Kong Racing (USA) (En,Fr) N64 ROM

Diddy Kong Racing (USA) (En,Fr) N64 ROM Nintendo’s flagship game for the 1997 holiday season, race as Diddy or one of his friends in this Mario Kart style adventure to defend Timber the Tiger’s Island and defeat the evil intergalactic Wizpig.

Diddy Kong Racing (USA) (En,Fr) N64 ROM

One of Rare’s first games for the N64, diddy kong racing rom is a Mario Kartish game where players race on many different tracks and try to shoot their opponents with various weapons without being hit themselves. Unlike Mario Kart, players are able to choose from three different machines: a car, a hoverboat, and an airplane. Although the game seems geared towards children, I seriously doubt that any except the most developed and most dedicated of gamers could ever complete this game. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that I found more difficult than Diddy Kong Racing. Ever.

This game diddy kong racing rom is definitely one of the better racing games out there.
Although it doesn’t look it at first glance, this game is surprisingly challenging. I have also played Mario Kart, and this game is, I’d say 2-3 times harder! It’s a nice challenge, but not overly difficult either.
The courses are all fun and lively. Each one is quite unique. And what sets Diddy Kong racing apart from all of the other racing games would be the fact that not all of the racing is done with a car but you have the ability to use a plane and hovercraft as well, varying the game up a lot.
The graphics are awesome, and all of the characters are just so darn cute. This game also has an adventure mode alongside the tracks (nothing totally spectacular or anything. It’s pretty much the same courses except you have different challenges to do in each one.)
A very good game, especially for kids.

Diddy Kong Racing (USA) (En,Fr) N64 ROM



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