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Undeniably, the 3DS is one of Nintendo’s most successful systems. 3DS was first introduced in 2011 and ended in 2020 to reinstate the playing field for the Nintendo Switch. With more than 150 million units sold, this is one of the typical console machines of unexpected success. With its compact size and two 3D screens, this machine can be easily carried anywhere.

Currently, there are many 3DS emulators on computers as well as mobile devices. Typical is Citra. You can easily run .3DS and .CIA games on this emulator. We have over 1000 Nintendo 3DS games including eShop games in 3 different formats and you can use them for many purposes: Decrypted, Encrypted and CIA. There are also a few Pokemon hacking games in CIA format that we added for users to try out.

Though the Nintendo 3DS’s inner hardware is quite a bit more powerful than the innards of the Nintendo DS family, the outside casing should strike a familiar note. The clamshell design remains from the Nintendo DS, as does the two-screen setup. The top screen of the 3DS displays 3D visuals, whereas the smaller bottom screen retains the DS’s touch-sensitive functionality. There are still some notable aesthetic differences between the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS: The 3DS is capable of taking 3D pictures, whereas the DSi is not, and the 3DS also has an analog nub situated above its traditional cross-shaped d-pad.

Pokemon X Rom Nintendo 3ds Citra Download

Pokemon X Rom

Pokemon X Rom Nintendo 3ds Citra Download is Available for Nintendo 3DS Roms Emulator Pokemon X Rom was one of these systems that drew the most attention from players upon its initial release you can really enjoy while playing the game. One of these most interesting and creative consoles to date, Nintendo 3DS has been […]

Pokemon Moon 3DS ROM Download

pokemon moon rom

Pokemon Moon 3DS ROM Download Pokémon Moon is the followup to Pokémon Sun, and like its predecessor, it features numerous references towards this game’s story. It also introduces new characters that were first introduced in previous generations (or at least one episode), so players can expect plenty of nods their way when they play through […]

Pokemon x and Y rom 3ds Rom


Pokemon x and Y rom 3ds Rom You are an adventurous hobbyist, exploring new lands, mysterious lands, finding new things; the application Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will bring you surprises you feel you never had. This is a completely new game that has never appeared in the gaming world that very few people know […]