Borderlands 3 Save Editor – Simple Save Editor Tool 2021

Borderlands 3 Save Editor – Simple Save Editor Tool 2021 Use the Borderlands 3 Save Editor to solve all the in-game bugs and get new and advanced weapons, items, and character stats.

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

There are a couple of Borderlands 3 Save Editor that are currently available for download. A save editor is a tool that allows you to keep your in-game progress. These are also necessary for resurrecting your fallen heroes in the game’s story mode. If there are any bugs in the game, you can easily bypass them with the help of a Save Editor, which is available for free online. So without further ado, let’s get started with this guide to Save Editors and how they work bl3 save editor in general, you can also use bl3 save editor ps4.
What are Borderlands 3 Save Editors and What Do they Do?
In essence, a save file contains all the parameters that shape your characters’ appearance, skills, level, game and quest progress, the weapons they carry, the amount of money or in-game currencies they hold, and so much more. This stands true for every game that requires saved files.
A save editor is a tool that parses protect file information and allows you to modify the save file’s parameters and create a new save file with the altered parameters. This, of course, gives you the ability to customize your character with any gear you want, choose their class, etc. get Sims 4 Cheats.

Borderlands 3 save editors allow you to customize a ton of save file parameters, including:

  • Alter your Guardian Rank Data.
  • Unlock the character’s cosmetics.
  • Modify your in-game currency values.
  • Swap SDU levels.
  • Change your character’s Name, Appearance, Class, and Level (up to the max level raised 72 since June 24, 2021).

You can also make significant changes to items in the game, such as:

  • Create new items.
  • Change any part of the items.
  • Import items from a list of Borderlands 3 item codes.
  • Filter the legit items found in the game.

What are Save Editors Used for?

The short answer here is “cheating.” Borderlands games require a lot of highly enjoyable grind to hit max level. Save editors remove all the fun of this as you instantly access content that requires many hours to acquire. However, the bigger problem is that you can create new items from scratch. This allows you to create items that are not available in the game’s version (for instance, you can create items available only in DLCs without purchasing the content).

Borderlands 3 Save Editors 2021

As of now, there are just two Save Editors for BL3. Unluckily for console users, these are only usable for PC users of the game title.

These are:

How to use BL3 Save Editor

  • Open the BL3 Editor page.
  • Here you will find a textbox.
  • Now in this, you will have to upload your Character or Profile File.
  • If you upload a Character file a new page will open which will have your Save Info as well as three tabs: General, Character, and Inventory. You will now be able to modify each of these aspects.
  • If you upload a Profile file a new page will open with your Profile page. Within this, you will be able to modify and change all your character aspects and traits in the game. These changes include the Guardian stats and the Bank.

How to use Borderlands3 Save Editor

  • Download the .zip file from the interlinked article.
  • Open and extract the folders to your desktop.
  • Now, open the file and you will be able to find the complete game editor.

With this save editor, you will be able to make changes to the following.

  • Basics (Name, Level, XP)
  • Mission objectives progress (bypass all the in-game bugs).
  • Edit items/weapons in the inventory.
  • Change amount of ammo, SDUs, iridium, and money
  • View and edit active missions and progress.
  • UUID.
  • Save slot ID.

Where to find Save Files

To use the Borderlands 3 Save Editors the most important task will be to identify the save files for the game.

If you are a Windows user you can find the saved files in the following location:

  • C:Users <Username> Documents > My GamesBorderlands 3 > Saved > SaveGames <UUID>

If you use Mac you can use your save files here:

  • Library/Application Support/GearboxSoftware/OakGame/Saved/

There are two types of Save Files that you can modify.

  • Profile Save File
  • Character Save File

Each Save file will offer you different modification options. With the Profile Save file, you will be able to modify the Bank, change the Guardian Rank, unlock all the customization options, modify the Bank space and the lost SDU loot. With the Character Save file, you will be able to change the character’s inventory, change your character’s levels, modify your weapon SDUs, make changes to your customizations, and change your class.

How to use the new Save File from the Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

  • Once you have created a new Character or Profile Save the file, you will be able to download the new, edited file.
  • If you are using a Character save file make sure you name it as ‘(number)_edited.sav’.
  • If you have a Profile save file you should name it as ‘profile_edited.sav’.
  • Now, rename the files and remove the ‘_edited’ tag from them.
  • After this move it to the file directory from where you found the saved files in the first place.
  • If you see a pop-up saying this file already exists, click on the Overwrite and Save option.
  • Now, right-click on the game application and run it as an Administrator.
  • Enjoy all your new rewards.

Are Save Editors safe to use?

In a word, No. Plus, if you are looking at Save Editors for Borderlands 3, you know you’re doing something illegal. Save Editors allow you to get all the fancy items in the game right from the beginning. It also has good chances of breaking the game. So if you do replace any of the files in the game, make sure you make a proper backup to them.

borderlands 3 save editor pc 2021 for any game are not official developer mods. So, if you do not know what you’re doing, don’t get into it, as you might be left with an unplayable game.



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